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Sodium coco glucose carboxylate: this is our Hero ingredient - its in pretty much everything!! It is a new, ultramild cleanser derived from corn starch and coconut oil. It is sustainably produced and truly a green product. High foaming, gentle and non-irritating to the skin, this detergent is non-ethoxylated, contains no PEGs, petrochemicals and is free of preservatives.

Coco glucoside: mild coconut oil and sugar derived cleanser. Mild foaming, gentle to the skin and free of carcinogenic contaminants such as dioxanes commonly found in ethoxylated detergents.

Cocoamidopropyl betaine: mild coconut oil derived cleanser. Foam booster and stabiliser, and is extremely mild to the skin.

Xanthan Gum: natural gelling agent and thickener. Used in cleaning products, skin and haircare.

Lavender Essential Oil: New Zealand grown mild disinfectant, natural fragrance and degreaser, soothing to the skin.

Lime Essential Oil: mild disinfectant, invigorating natural fragrance and degreaser, soothing to the skin.

Citric acid: mild organic acid. Sequsters hardness salts in water such as magnesium and calcium, replacing ETDA and NTA.

d-Limonene: mild organic cleanser and degreaser, derived from the skins of Citrus fruits.

*Preservative Free * Dyestuff Free * Fragrance Free * Animal Product Free * Cruelty Free *

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