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Natural and Naturally Derived Ingredients

LATEST NEWS!! After many years of searching, we have found a sustainably produced, ultra-mild, coconut and sugar based cleanser that is high foaming and cleanses thoroughly and gently. The new cleanser is called sodium coco glucose carboxylate and is now formulated into our Lavender and Lemon hand washes, Coal Tar Shampoo and Sensitive Baby Bubbles.

As always, we use no synthetic fragrances or dyes in our products, as these materials are known to cause irritation and skin reactions. Instead, we use natural colours like red rice extract, beetroot extract, natural botanicals such as 100% pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Lime, Lemon and Chamomile, natural raw oils like Macadamia, Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Calendula Oils, and naturally derived cleansers like sustainably grown Coconut Oil and Palm Oil derivatives and naturally derived degreasers such as d-Limonene (extracted from the skins of Citrus Fruits). We use organic acids such as Citric Acid instead of harsh mineral acids, and try to use as many natural or naturally derived products as possible in our products.

Because our products are freshly made to order, we do not add any Preservatives to our products. They are also free of dyestuffs, artificial fragrances, animal products, phosphates, ammonia, nitrates or other toxic products.

No Aroma Naturals products or ingredients are tested on animals.

*Preservative Free * Dyestuff Free * Fragrance Free * Animal Product Free * Cruelty Free *

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